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Overland Trips & Reports


Trip Reports

Read about some of our favorite trips we’ve ever been on throughout the state, and even beyond in some cases. Trip reports feature an in-depth description of a trip we take, photos, videos, and more.


My most recent adventure takes me from Bagdad to Apache Maid Mountain on a 5-day trip across northern & central Arizona, and the wide variety of terrain it offers.


This 600 mile trip features my 6-day solo adventure into the White Mountains of eastern AZ. From calming streams to high-elevation views, there’s no shortage of great scenery.


Arizona Peace Trail [2019]

This western Arizona adventure takes us from Dateland to Kingman on one of the state’s newest and most diverse OHV Loops — the Arizona Peace Trail.

Southeastern Arizona Trip [2018]

Our 500 mile special takes us on a on & off-road journey from Green Valley, Arizona to the small town of Paradise deep in the Chiricahua Mountains.


Arizona Strip Trip [2017]

This 5 day trip crosses the massive & unpopulated AZ Strip with stops at White Pocket, the North Rim, Toroweap, Mount Trumbull School, and many more incredible places.

El Camino del diablo Trip [2016]

We spend 3 days traversing the rugged “Devil’s Highway” which crosses the remote desert between Ajo and Yuma along the US-Mexico border.


Offroading to the bottom of the Grand Canyon [2015]

On our first-ever “big Jeep trip” we head from the outskirts of Phoenix to the bottom of the Grand Canyon using as few paved roads as possible.




Overland Trip Ideas [coming soon]

For those looking for something longer than just a single trail, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite destinations and trails below. While these trips are more general than those featured above, they still provide plenty of options for exploration.