Secret Pass Trail

Ride through the rugged Black Mountains between Kingman and Bullhead City on this point to point trail. The trail is moderately difficult, but takes you through the especially scenic Black Mountains before ending at Secret Pass along the boundary of the Mt. Nutt Wilderness Area.


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Last Known Status: Open Trail type: Point-to-point Length: 19 miles one-way Approx. time: 3-4 hours Traffic: Light
Permit Needed: Yes (State Trust land) Current Info: BLM/Kingman F.O. (928-718-3700) Nearest City: Bullhead City Elevation: 2132'-3813' Best Time: Fall-Spring

Permits: A State Trust Land Permit is needed for this trail. Permits cost $15/individual or $20 for two people and are good for 1 year. Get permits here.

Where to go:

From Kingman to reach the east entrance, head west on AZ-68 towards Laughlin. After 21.7 miles, turn left onto Old Kingman Highway (unsigned – just past mile marker 10). Continue south as the road crosses a cattle guard and turns to dirt. Staging on both sides for the next half a mile. Alternatively, reach the west entrance by driving east from Bullhead City along AZ-68. After 7.1 miles, turn right Buck Washington Road. Staging available in wash 0.9 miles down trail.


Trail Description:

From the east entrance, head south from Highway 68. Continue straight on 7760 as numerous small trails and staging areas branch off both directions. Just after 0.6 miles, turn left out of the wash towards old mines onto 7915. The trail begins to get rougher after this point. At 1.4 miles, turn left uphill where trail splits. For the next 1.0 mile, the trail is rough and narrow as it climbs. It is especially scenic along this section. Squeeze through two rock walls at 1.9 miles and near a powerline tower at 2.1 miles. At 2.4 miles the trail makes a hard left turn as it reaches the top of the pass.

After cresting the ridge, the trail immediately begins to drop, becoming slightly easier. Stay right at 2.6 miles where the trail splits. Stay to the right as you go downhill at 3.0 miles where a pretty good washout is on the left. At 3.3 miles, stay straight through a four-way intersection – the trail is now numbered 7758. At 4.1 miles you’ll come to an important intersection – remember this for later. The 2nd right continues to Secret Pass where the trail ends. The 1st right continues back to Highway 68 – an option for street legal vehicles to make a loop out of this trail after visiting Secret Pass.

Take the 2nd right at the junction at 4.1 miles. Continue south. Stay left at 4.5 miles where trail forks. Continue on main trail as several trails join from the right. Stay left into wash as trail splits at 6.0 miles. Make an important right turn out of the wash just before 6.2 miles. The trail now heads west. Stay right at 6.6 miles where trail splits. Stay left into wash at 7.0 miles. Stay left again at 7.3 miles as trail enters larger wash to head south. The trail ends at a gate on the boundary of the Mt. Nutt Wilderness at 7.5 miles. Consider hiking west from the turnaround point into the beautiful Secret Pass Canyon.

Return 3.4 miles back the way you came to the important junction. The odometer should now read about 10.9 miles. If you wish to return to the staging area, turn left and continue straight on 7758 4.1 miles back to the east entrance. Turn left and then immediately left to continue on 7752/Slurry Road to finish the trail.

You’ll now be heading southwest as the relatively straight trail climbs. Continue straight at 11.7 miles as trail joins from the left. Weave in and out of wash as the trail climbs to another junction at 12.3 miles. This rugged spot makes a nice break for a picture. Continue to the right downhill when you are done. The trail enters a wash at the bottom as it heads west. Continue along most traveled line in wash as it heads downhill through exceptionally scenic terrain. At 15.5 miles the wash will come to a main junction in front of a large rock formation. Stay right at trail exits wash. Continue north on moderately difficult trail. Stay left at 16.3 miles where roads to the right lead to private mining property, which may or may not be active. Cross a creek bottom at 16.9 miles then stay left to rejoin the main road at 17.0 miles. Road becomes an easy, wide and graded road all the way to the exit point/west entrance. Stay right at 18.1 miles into wash, then left at 18.2 miles to exit wash. Additional trails head both directions up wash. The trail switchbacks, then drops to end at Highway 68 at 19.0 miles.

Notes & Trail Ratings:

This is a very scenic but rugged area. Route finding is very difficult. Make sure to look at maps before your trip and carry either a map or programmed GPS unit with you on the trail to avoid getting lost. This entire point-to-point trail from the east entrance, to Secret Pass, to the west entrance is 19 miles. Allow for 3-4 hours to complete. If you don’t have a street legal vehicle, you can park at either end and ride about 30 miles to Secret Pass and back without doing the whole loop. The trail itself is moderately difficult. There are several sections of tight, narrow, and rocky trail that require high-clearance and 4-wheel drive. We’ve rated this trail a ‘6.5’ out of ‘10’. Aggressive SUV’s needed. Good place for ATV’s, dirt bikes, and UTV’s due to the massive amount of trails throughout the area.

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